A tip from us: Always enter calmer. In some ways the sauna is similar with meditation – besides the purity of the body, it relieves you from  stress and tension.

Steam bath
A tip from us: It is recommended  this procedure to be combined with subsequent cold shower or swimming pool.

Ice bucket
A tip from us: It has been proved  that the "shock" watering with cold or lukewarm water immediately after you leave the sauna calms the nervous system and has an incredible beneficial effect on the entire cardiovascular system.

Swimming pool with mineral water
A tip from us: Do not miss it! Benefits for the body from bath with mineral water are numerous: there is no risk of allergic reactions and skin irritation, reduce stress and tension and support the treatment of many diseases.

A tip from us: murmur of bubbles is particularly soothing and the  strong jet of water will make you even massage on your whole body, which improves the blood circulation exclusively.

A tip from us: To disclose fully this procedure, you must be armed with information about all devices, without w it is impossible to dive deep into it: black liquid soap, massage, skin peeling, glove made by  horsehair and of course  the ritual with mint tea.

Heated benches
A tip from us: They heat the clean body and are ideal before massages or between other thermal procedures.

Kneipp therapy for foot
A tip from us: Cool and after immediately warm your feet.  Then repeat this procedure several times.

Vitamin bar
A tip from us: Mandatory refresh yourself with a healthy energy cocktail during your visit at spa centre Monte Cristo. The bar offers a variety of freshly squeezed fruit and vegetables drinks.

Relax  Zone
A tip from us: The ideal place to rest between the thermal spa treatments.

Luxury massage studios
A tip from us: If you have not enjoyed this wonderful method of regeneration of the body now is the time to do it!